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I Could Live Here: In the Backyard

Almost one week into Spring and I am already thinking about my backyard. Having just moved into this new house in the Fall, our backyard is still pretty much a blank slate. We have a small deck, but nothing that could fit a patio set on. We have trees, but most were not maintained by the previous owners and will be pulled out. We have a patch a grass, but again it wasn’t maintained, and will need some rolling and maybe a good seeding.

‘J’ and I have big plans for the backyard this summer, including our very own vegetable garden, a brand new shed (which will be designed & built by ‘J’), and a brand new gas BBQ. Until the snow melts I can daydream right?

While searching for inspiration I came across this stunning backyard designed by Antonio Martins. I instantly fell in love with this small, calm, and simplistic space. From the woven chairs to the rustic wooden coffee table… I could totally live in this backyard.

Oasis-backyard Dream-Backyard

Do you have any summer plans for your backyard?
photos via Antonio Martins

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