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Our New Kaufman Loft

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up my reply was that typical of a 15 year old girl: veterinarian, marine biologist, art teacher, graphic designer…. never once did “landlord” make the list.


I mean, “landlord” does not sound like the sexiest job in the world…


Sexiness aside, when an opportunity comes along for you to own a beautiful, well maintained loft in a busy uptown centre you take it, right? Right!


As of yesterday afternoon “J’ and I are proud owners of a Kaufman Loft in downtown Kitchener! #LandlordLife


The process to buy this beautiful piece of history was a painfully grueling one… there was so much paperwork, too many hands in the pot, and so many balls dropped by our mortgage broker that at one point (literally the day before closing), I thought we weren’t going to make it.


But with positivity in our hearts we powered through, and low and behold, this beauty is now ours!


The moment I walked in I could envision myself living there. Modern furniture mixed with rustic wood accents in the living room. A large harvest table surrounded by my favourite Eames-style chairs in the dining room. High industrial ceilings with a huge wall of windows… Yeah, I could totally live there! But alas, “J” tells me we cannot have separate houses… so I guess I’ll stick to dreaming!


map art | birds | apothecary jar | couch | floor lamp | side table | area rug | coffee table | pillow | mirror |framed art | pouff | vase | light | trays | chair | harvest table

Do you have any landlord tips & tricks? If you had one piece of advice for landlords what would it be?

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