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DIY Clay Pots + Plants

I love having plants in the house. Money trees, aloe plants, succulents; they add “life” to a space. But to be honest, if it wasn’t for “J” the plants in our house wouldn’t last a month (yes, I have a terrible habit of killing anything green). Maybe it was the weather, but a few dreary Saturday’s ago I took a look around my house and decided it could use a touch more colour…. a little green and yellow perhaps?

DIY Clay Pots + Plants

Since I will forever be a neutrals kind-of-girl, it was a BIG deal for me to pop open Para Paints’ latest spring release, Plantain Chips. This burst of bright yellow is positively eye-catching!

DIY Clay Pots + Plants

While my first inclination was to paint these using the dip-method (because I am in love with all things “dipped” right now), I decided this bold & cheery yellow would add an unexpected brightness to the inside of my clay pots…

DIY Clay Pots + Plants

While the paint dried (literally) I took a quick trip to The Home Depot to pick up all my planting supplies… soil, filter cloth, gravel, and my plants.

DIY Clay Pots + Plants DIY Clay Pots + Plants

I’m so happy with how this little dreary-day project turned out… the greenery has brought “life” to my kitchen windowsill, while the pop of yellow brings a cheeriness to the room!

Disclosure: The Home Depot provided me with a gift card that was used toward the materials for this project. Para Paints provided the sample of “Plantain Chips” paint. I was not compensated in any other way for writing this post. All opinions and use of products are my own.

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