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    Life Lately According to My iPhone

    1 // Decor decisions are finally being made for the main level of our house. Thanks to my Instagram followers, I’ve decided to ditch our current kitchen island light fixture and paint everything “Balboa Mist” by Benjamin Moore.

    2 // Everyone keeps asking me how moving/unpacking is going… well, it’s not. I’m still slowly pulling everything out of boxes and hunting/searching for things on a regular basis.

    3 // Wishing this little one would nap longer than 20 minutes these days so I can get things done… like unpack, shower, make a coffee, eat lunch….

    4 // I’m glad the one thing I don’t have to worry about is dinner (thanks for my weekly ChefsPlate delivery)… it’s lifesaving! And my bi-weekly delivery of fresh sourdough bread from Dear Grain Breads is also so handy (and delicious).

    4 // John and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary last week. He got me these beautiful flowers from Riverside Flowers… and I managed to keep them alive for over a week!! That’s a win in my books since I’m such a black-thumb!

    5 // The weather has been pretty decent these past few weeks so Emily and I have been taking some nice long walks around town. This is still one of my favourite houses in New Hamburg… it’s even more beautiful now that the tree in the front yard is in full bloom!

    6 // Father’s Day is coming up… if you’re looking for a few recipes to spoil dad try my Crispy French Toast or Hickory Smoked Ribs!

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