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Updating Our Kitchen with New LG Appliances

Things are about to get honest here. When John and I first moved into our house three years ago, I loved our kitchen – the dark cabinetry, the black appliances, the neutral countertop; I considered it all perfect even though I wasn’t crazy about the faucet, the lack of backsplash or missing pantry. But sure enough time goes on and tastes evolve, and I quickly found myself looking for something that reflected my cooking personality… something more “gourmet.”

While an entire kitchen overhaul was not in the budget, “J” & I started to prioritize cosmetic items on our list that we knew would make the biggest impact. Unfortunately that meant no sledge hammers or crowbars. No removal of cabinets. No drywall dust everywhere or piles of broken tiles. Sounds like no fun, right? 😉

As we began tackling our tiny “cosmetic fix” list, we started to realize how fixing even the tiniest imperfections can transform a space into something a little more lovable. We easily installed a new sleek and modern faucet, touched up chipped paint on the walls and ceiling, brought in light fixtures, decluttered the counterops, added some new accessories (plants always liven things up), and picked out new appliances. While purchasing new appliances may feel like a major kitchen investment, it’s actually one of the easiest to do… and it makes a huge impact!

At the end of the day we had a lovely experience with the team at Leon’s (which you can read more about on their blog, Hello Yellow), and would totally recommend the beautiful line of LG appliances we acquired (I mean, a door-in-door fridge? How awesome is that!?)!

Right now I am simply overjoyed with my new kitchen and super impressed with not only the many features of my new appliances (this gas range bakes like nobody’s business), but the quality! Now it’s time to bake, cook, and party! Cheers!

Looking for more home decor and recipe inspiration? Check out the Hello Yellow Blog!

Disclosure: The appliances in my kitchen were so kindly provided to me by Leon’s & LG in exchange for delicious recipes, which will be posted on their blog, Hello Yellow, throughout 2015 and 2016! 

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