Adventures of a Not-So-Green-Thumb

Let me start off by saying I don’t grow things! Anything green or flowery, when in my presence, will likely end up… well, NOT green or flowery.

That’s right, I kill almost everything… I’m the kid that can’t even keep bamboo alive!

So, you can imagine my excitement when I discovered flowers growing in my flower bed earlier this week…
FlowersSo I got all pumped up for this weekend because I was going to tackle this flower bed! Pull out the weeds, take out everything that was dead, put down some fresh mulch… you know, fun gardening stuff…

Unfortunately the weather this weekend did not want to cooperate. It has been cold and snowy (yes we’ve got some snow), so I think my adventure is going to have to wait until next weekend… Which is ok, but as you can see, this garden is in some dire need of help…
Any suggestions for when I get this thing started???

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