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Pulling Together the Living Room

Oh the beauty of having a completely finished house… you can literally paint, accessorize, and you’re done. The fact I only had to paint the living room in this new house makes me feel kind-of spoiled. The living room in my townhouse took quite some time to get right – there was a lot of sweat & swearing that went into that reno… mostly due to the fact that I hated the carpet with a passion.

This living room, although it didn’t need any work, was still a process. It is deceivingly large, so filling it up with furniture was a task. Almost all of the living room furniture from my townhouse was allocated to this room – including the new leather love seat we recently bought. What excited me the most about this space was we now had enough room to bring my antique hoosier out of the basement!

With the furniture decisions made, it was time to paint. Again, this room is very large, so it did take me a good amount of time to paint it. Luck for me this was a straight forward paint job; nothing as intricate as painting the stripes in the front entryway. I used Para’s Elite Saude so I was able to get away with only painting 1 coat – a huge time saver! I struggled with the paint choices for a while, but like the office, I ended up painting a feature wall. I love the calming grey/blue tone…

After the paint dried and the dust settled, it was time to hang the curtains. The house came with gorgeous custom blinds, but something more was needed to frame up the windows. I bought these curtains way back in September (before we even moved in) hoping they would be long enough. Good thing they were!

As any home-decor-freak knows, the decorating is never really done. Although I have labeled this room “finished,” I’m sure it’s going to see a few adjustments here & there over the next few months. That said, here’s a little sneak peek of the finished room… full reveal to come shortly!

What type of project do you prefer: big renos or paint-and-decorate?

Sources:Paint: “Buried in Sand” Elite Suede in Flat by Para Paint // “Spring Run Off” Elite Suede in Flat by Para Paint.

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