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Spun Goods // Spring Collection Preview

I could not have been more excited or honoured last Tuesday as I walked through the doors at Artscape Youngplace and found the room filled with Sistering staff, volunteers, supporters and of course my blogger friends! We were all there to celebrate one thing; the talented women at Spun Studio.

The-Spun-Goods-Design-Team Brittany-Stager-Spun-Goods-Tea-Towel-Designer

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted my beautiful linen tea towels on display. It’s one of those surreal moments when you realize something you dreamt up has come to life. And who knew something so simple could draw so much attention. Supporters were coming up to me all night saying, “tea towels that actually dry? I am definitely buying one of those!” And you know what? They did. All nine tea towels that were for sale that night sold; all the proceeds went to pay the women at Spun Studio who made them.

Spun Goods Spring Collection

Every single one of the products was simply stunning. The time and dedication it took to pull these pieces together is astonishing. From the meticulous loom work on Amy’s pillows* and Jennifer’s rugs, to the hand sewn details on Shannon & Robin’s wall piece, everything was immaculate. Even Renee got her hands dirty; hand dying the fabric for her clutches.


This event wasn’t just about the release of the Spring Spun Studio Collection, it was about giving the marginalized women who worked so hard to bring our products to life an income. I was thanked for my contribution to the project more times than I can count, however the real people to thank are those who made the event possible; Spun Studio, Lindsey Thomsen, Sistering, the product sponsors (Tonic Living, Gemini Fibers, Tank Jewelry, and Brave Leather), Santa Margherita Wines (who provided their Chianti and their Carbonzero Certified Pinot Grigio for the evening), and the caterers (Christophe & Benoit). You all worked so hard and deserve to be recognized.


All the gushy stuff aside, it was such an amazing night, and I am so happy to have been able to lend a helping hand to such a worthy cause!

*I was lucky enough to to be the highest bidder on one of Amy’s pillows, which is now proudly on display in my master bedroom!

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