My Top 7

1. The Wellesley Apple Butter & Cheese Festival is tomorrow! I am looking forward to devouring some famous Wellesley Apple Fritters, checking out the local vendors, and perhaps even taking a tractor ride… I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time.

2. If you read my post from Wednesday you will see I now have an obsession with scarves. These newest additions to my collection were only $12 from Walmart and Garage.

3. In about 1 hour Amanda and I are taking Jax to see Hotel Transylvania… well, Amanda is taking Jax… I just invited myself since I can’t very well go see this kids movie alone!

4. Lately… this song, this video, this show, and this feeling.

5. I’m a neutrals kind of girl, so you would be surprised to learn that I purchased bright pink skinnies for fall… I know, I’m still in shock.

6. Speaking of pink… Mushrooms Canada just launched our annual Mushroom Go PINK for breast cancer campaign. I celebrated by cooking up a deliciously cheesy Mushroom Scalloped Potato dish…. yum!

7. This action was happening in my kitchen yesterday… getting ready for Thanksgiving Week next week!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend friends!

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