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My Top 7

1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game! // I was lucky enough to score some tickets to the Blue Jays Home Opener on Monday night (thanks Honda!)… we ate hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, and beer! It was a lovely (and much needed) date night! Too bad the Jays lost… womp, womp!


2. Road Trip To Ottawa // Last Friday, Nikki and I headed to Ottawa to staff the Mushrooms Canada booth at the National Women’s Show. On Saturday morning we decided to try the restaurant in our hotel… boy were we glad we did! Not only is The Albion Rooms simply stunning, the breakfast was delicious!


3. Spring Lovin’ // Guys, it’s tulips and little leather jacket weather! Finally!


4. Spring Cocktail Season // This may not actually be a thing… but I really do look forward to spring cocktail season. During the winter I always find myself drinking heavy drinks, like Bailey’s spiked hot chocolate, so it’s nice to make the switch to something light and fruity. I’ll be posting the recipe for these two amazing cranberry cocktails tomorrow, so stay tuned!


5. Photoshoot Fun! // Yesterday afternoon I had a fun little photo session with photographer Catherine Mombourquette! I can’t tell you just yet what the photos are for, but I’m pretty dang excited about it! (Sidenote: I have discovered how awkward I am when in front of the camera… candid photos are not my forte… I kept asking her “what do I do with my face.” This proves I will never be a fashion blogger!)


6. Just Because // Who can resist a photo of a sleeping German Shepherd? I can’t.


7. Workshop Now Live! // I may have mentioned a few months ago that I was working on a work related project, and I am happy to announce it is now live! My friend Gillian Rees and I are hosting a series of quarterly workshops targeted towards female entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level… It’s called The Academy for Happy Entrepreneurs! Our first workshop, “Everything You Need to Know About Marketing & Social Media for Your Business,” is scheduled for May 7th! So if you are an entrepreneur in the KW area (or even beyond) I encourage you to register!

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