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My Top 7

1. The beautiful New York State scenery I experienced on Wednesday and Thursday while on my work road trip. If I wasn’t on such a tight schedule I would have stopped and taken more pictures…

2. Nice police officers. On Wednesday night, when I was leaving my event in Ithaca to head to the hotel, I got pulled over. Apparently the night-time tail lights were not working my rental car. Lucky enough I explained the situation to the nice officer and he let me off with a warning. Unfortunately all Hertz had to say about the whole situation was “sorry.”

3. Thank goodness for GPS…  and for the unexpected Tim Horton’s.

4. My favourite little man started school…. yes school! Where does the time go?

5. Happy Birthday to my Mom. I had the family over last night for a Chinese feast + Marble Slab ice cream cupcakes… There is one leftover in my freezer and I fully intend on eating it tonight… Don’t tell “J!”

6.  I finally tried a fig…. yes, I may be late to the party on this one…

7. Orlando bound! Tomorrow I am heading to Orlando (for work) to cover a cooking competition. You may have seen my excited tweet earlier this week, as I was invited to sit at the judges head table to sample the competitor entries… so exciting!

Hope all you lovelies have a stellar weekend!

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