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My Top 7: Seattle Edition

1. Flying Out of YKF // I can’t tell you how much I love flying out of my hometown airport! Saves me from having to get up at 3am to catch a 7am flight out of Toronto!

2. Breakfast at Lowell’s // You know when you find a restaurant you love in a new city and you just want to keep going back? That was most definitely Lowell’s! The super fresh & fast breakfast was hard to beat! I tried their Alderwood Smoked King Salmon Scramble, the Sauteed Chili-Tiger Prawn Omelet and of course I couldn’t pass up a Smoked Salmon Bloody Mary!
3. Hiking to Rattlesnake Ledge // It’s not very often I have a day to spare when I am travelling for business, so my colleague Katie and I really took advantage of our time off. After exploring the city (we went to the market, the great wheel and the space needle) we decided some rugged terrain was needed to satisfy or desire to explore. We rented a car for the afternoon and drove 30 minutes out of the city to Rattlesnake Mountain. After a 3km hike up the mountain we were greeted by beautiful sweeping views as far as the eye could see. These photos honestly don’t do this place justice… it was truly breathtaking and well worth the trip!


4. Dinner at Imagine Food // One of the benefits of working with such a fun loving group of farmers is the food. Wherever we go mushrooms are on the menu! The generous folks at Imagine Food put on a lovely mushroom centric dinner for us on Wednesday night featuring a delicious Smoked Corn and Chanterelle Stew, an amazing Short Rib Pho with Enoki “Noodles,” and a very interesting Black Sesame Gelato with Porcini Mushrooms. Their unique space (which doubles as an art exhibit) is something worth checking out if you are interested in Seattle’s food scene!
5. Checking Out Pike Place Market, The Great Wheel & The Space Needle // Before hiking up a mountain, Katie and I opted for a hike around town visiting the famous Pike Place Market, The Giant Wheel and The Space Needle. We had to do the traditional “touristy” things too, right?


6. Oysters! // Seconds after I landed in Seattle I told myself “I am not leaving this city without getting oysters”… and The Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House did not disappoint. This platter of oysters was gone in a flash as was my absurdly tasty Northwest Bouillabaisse (I mean it had 7 different types of seafood in it, of course I was going to love it!). A seafood lover’s paradise!
7. The Alexis Hotel // Totally worth mentioning was the hotel I called home for 5 days… The Alexis Hotel. Outrageously expensive, but worth every penny! The rooms were so large and accommodating, the staff was pleasant and helpful, and the The Bookstore Bar & Cafe features a James Beard Award winning chef! All around, a great place to stay!

Have you been to Seattle before? What was your favourite part of the city?

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