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My Top 7

1. Pumpkin Patch // I can’t believe that it’s that time of year already… pumpkin patch time! I headed to Snyder’s Family Farm with the niece and nephew for our yearly pumpkin picking tradition.


2. Blogger Baby Shower // Saturday was a fun-filled day with a few of my favourite Canadian blogger friends. Not only did we host a virtual baby shower for our friend Christina, but with the help of her husband we managed to surprise her with a real life baby shower… at Taco Farm! (their first ever baby shower by-the-way!) After lunch we headed back to Christina’s house to indulge in way to many baby shower treats…


3. Pavlova // On that note, can we just take a minute to admire this pavlova. It. Is. So. Damn. Good. That is all.


4. Fall Favourites // Now that the weather has cooled off, I’ve busted out the dark, moody perfume, the brown eye shadows, pink blushes and nude lipsticks…


5. Scott Stratten at BlissDom // I may have mentioned before how much I love Scott Stratten. The man is marketing brilliance. On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend his session at BlissDom where he talked a lot about staying true to yourself, blogging smarter, and not taking every free opportunity that comes your way. Excellent advice for any blogger. Best of all, I added his latest book, Unselling, to my Scott Stratten pile!


6. Gross! // Can we get really gross for a moment? The amount of dog hair and dust my brand new Dyson Animal pulls out of my carpets is astounding. It’s magical. Like pulling rabbits out of a hat. #WhereIsItAllComingFrom


7.  FBC2014 // Holy smokes, FBC2014 is a week and a half away! #CantWait

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