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I’ll get around to it…

As you may have noticed, I eventually get things done… Like eventually getting a proper light installed in the bathroom… or eventually putting up the toilet paper holder in the powderroom… or eventually getting the dishwasher installed last winter after it sat in my basement for a entire year…

This time it’s the 3 empty frames that have been hanging in my powderroom for 2 years.

I had been working on this “Birds Of A Feather” print for quite some time, and thought these 3 feathers would fill the frames perfectly… so once I eventually got around to finishing the print, up they went!


I’m so happy with how they turned out! And I know my guests will enjoy looking at the feathers much more than the “happy family” filler pictures.

Since I can’t be the only {crazy} one with empty picture frames around the house, how about a little giveaway?

Birds of a Feather 5×7 Digital Print

Free Download.

Now go fill a frame!

What types of projects do you eventually “get around” to doing? Painting? Gardening?

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