Let me start out by saying that I don’t mind painting. It really does wonders for a room and can give a house a new life.

Let me start out by saying that I do mind painting when I have already painted for 7 days straight this year! When ex and I first got our condo, I pretty much camped out there and painted the entire house in 7 days…. that said, my desire to pick up a paint brush right now is pretty low!

I had every intent to show you the colours that I bought last night, but the CIL website is down… boooo! And I forgot my camera (2 days in a row) at the house, so I have nothing to show…. double booooo!

Luckily my mom and my sister decided to volunteer to paint all three upstairs bedrooms today (love you guys, but you’re crazy!), so by the time I get there tonight (after work), it should be close to done!

What’s left to paint then? Too much!

  • all the trim around all the windows and doors (they are grey right now… very prison like)
  • all the old baseboards upstairs (they are also grey right now… which adds to the prison feeling)
  • all the new baseboards (they only come primed. They will be installed next week)
  • all the new chair rails (which will also be installed next week)
  • the hallways and stairwell (which I am waiting to paint until all the furniture is brought through, just in case we have some major damage trying to maneuver through there)
  • the living room and kitchen (once the chair rail and new baseboards are installed)
  • the ugly wood trim on the European kitchen cupboards (right now I have them primed and curing, they will all be painted white)

Euro cupboard side story…. My dad is a wood guy. Loves wood. If it is natural wood, you shouldn’t paint it… So younger sister and I are there Monday night taking the kitchen cabinet doors off to sand the wood trim and get them primed. Halfway through my dad gets there and the first thing he says is, “You are painting the nice oak trim?” Ummmm yes! Have you seen these doors! Yuck! The look on his face was like I had just painted an entire forest white…. lol, anyways…

Long story short, I still have a lot of painting to do!

photo from Ove Tøpfer

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