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I Could Live Here: Princess Margaret Dream Home by Brian Gluckstein

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to tour the Princess Margaret Dream Home in Oakville. This $3.7 million dollar gem was nestled in a corner of Oakville that still maintained a small town ambiance. It’s hard to believe that this massive 7,500sq.ft dream home was constructed and completely finished within a 5 month timeframe. The interior was by far the best part of the house. Completely furnished and designed by Brian Gluckstein, I found myself wandering from room to room exclaiming, “I could live here… I could totally live here!” Although this dream home was very dreamy, it was designed in such a way that made it feel livable. Every since room was practical, well laid out, and contained pieces that are accessible to anyone.

After a meet & greet with Mr. Gluckstein himself, he encouraged us to explore the home… marble finishes, herringbone floors, mirrored vanities… this home pulled out all the stops, and had me swooning right until the very last minute.

I guess I’ll be purchasing a ticket for the Princess Margaret Lottery… fingers crossed I can turn my “I could live here,” into “I live here!”

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