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Project Backyard: The “To Do” List

With the first day of summer creeping closer, our backyard “to do” list keeps getting longer… and longer. Although we have already tackled a good amount of backyard projects this spring, we are nowhere near finished. With a large shed to build, patio stones to lay, and a giant flowerbed to finish, I sure hope we have enough time to complete this project so I can enjoy my dream backyard a tiny bit before summer’s abrupt end.

Backyard-To-Do-FeatureIn the coming weeks we intend on buckling down and banging this project out! That means less weekend fun, more weekend dedication. Less weekend pleasure, more weekend pain. Less weekend vacations, more weekend staycations. Ok, you get the point – it’s not my first choice on how to spend my weekends, but it has to be done.


To keep us on track and motivated I made the following “To Do” list. To keep myself from entering a state of panic I simply tell myself it only looks like a lot (but no, it really is a lot)…

  • Move the cedar trees along the fence line (complete)
  • Build a raised garden bed to grow a vegetables and herbs (complete)
  • Create flowerbed in back corner of yard
    • Build a retaining wall between our flowerbed and fence (in progress)
    • Remove excess “clay” soil (complete)
    • Re-edge flowerbed
    • Plant low maintenance shrubs, flowers, and grasses
  • Create patio area off of deck using patio stones
  • Build a 10×10 shed
    • Create engineered drawings (in progress)
    • Pour concrete pad (complete)
    • Order building materials
    • Start construction (everything from framing to shingling)
  • Accessorize backyard & purchase new patio furniture
  • Host a “Backyard BBQ” party to celebrate project completion!

What’s on your summer “to do” list?

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