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A Very White Guest Bedroom Makeover

I never thought that I would show you this, but welcome to (what used to be) the ugliest room in my house, the guest bedroom. Oh yeah, it was that bad. With no cohesive decor scheme, my guest room was a mismatched collection of decor and furniture with no proper home. Shelving, candles, sidetables, random vases, unfinished art and bad lighting are just some of the items that made their home in my so-called guest bedroom. Certainly not a homey and inviting place for guests to sleep!


I spent months planning for a makeover. Searching out new accessories, rearranging furniture, and selecting paint colours… And then I did something shocking. I picked a paint colour. But it wasn’t just any paint colour; it was Jo Jo Whitewash by Para Paints. Yes, it was white.


As much as I love neutral decor schemes, I couldn’t help but want to try something new. I was envisioning clean crisp whites set against dark wood grains. Beautiful and calming custom art on the walls. Flowy, sheer curtains, and gleaming gold accent pieces. I wanted a place where my guests would feel at home; a place where they can relax and feel calm and excited about their stay.


One thing that I always appreciate when staying away from home (because you know I travel a lot), is quality bed linens and pillows. There is something so comforting about crawling into a luxurious bed outfitted with crisp, clean sheets and plush pillows. I wanted this bed to be no different. Some supersoft mircofiber sheets and a beautiful, intricately stitched coverlet  from Urban Barn gave the bed a “hotel” crispness, while faux fur pillows and a chevron cushion make it warm and inviting.


And can we talk about the faux fur throw for a minute? I can’t tell you how long I have been lusting after this throw! For some reason this grizzly fur throw reminds me of a warm ski chalet, complete with roaring fire, mountainous backdrop, and mugs of hot cocoa. It adds a beautiful richness to this very white room!


Fresh flowers and green plants always make a room feel livable… buuut since I have a tendency to kill anything green, I opted for these beautiful faux hydrangea stems instead; they will continue to look great for any guest months down the road!


Of course no room would be complete without some personal DIY projects. Besides the nightstands and the headboard (which “J” & I designed and built), I am most proud of the large dreamcatcher (which hangs to the right of the bed), and the silhouette painting (which hangs across from the window).


These pieces took me hours to complete, but I wouldn’t have included them in any other room in my house – they certainly belong on the guest bedroom!


In the end, I am beyond thrilled… beyond overjoyed… beyond elated with how well this room turned out. Although I was fearing the white at first, I have learned to embrace white and appreciate it in all its glory! I have no doubt my future guests will feel at home, warm and cozy in this room – a place where they can put their feet up and relax!


But don’t get too excited… I can’t guarantee there will be any breakfast-in-bed action when you stay!


Don’t forget to check back on Thursday, I’ll be showing you just how “J” and I made those ah-mazing nightstands & headboard!

Sourcing Guide:
Jo Jo Whitewash by Para Paint
Chantelle Bedspread
Grizzly Faux Fur Throw
Gryffin Geo Chevron Toss Cushion
Chamblay Tray
Mantra Easy Wall Decor
Hershel Vase Gold
Hydrangea Stem White
Ashworth Picture Frame
Vintage “Coin” Storage Box
Nightstand Lighting
Ceiling Pendant Lighting

Nighstands & Headboard

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  1. Great makeover, Brittany! High five! Who is your first guest going to be? Looking forward to seeing the DIYs this week.

  2. Looks so cozy Britt! Your guests are going to love it. I like that you added in your own artwork too. It's beautiful.

  3. Thanks so much Amy! I definitely wanted the wood tones to warm up the room and sort-of "ground" it a bit… so it doesn't seem so shockingly white! And the PJ's matching the donuts was a total accident… but a happy one at that!

  4. I knew this was one you would appreciate it! 😉

    "J" dad will likely be the first one who gets to test out the new room! He stays with us once a month or so when he is working in town. Not sure he'll appreciate it as much as I do thought! lol

  5. Thanks so much Jen! I always have to include personal touches in every room of the house. I am the worst at buying art (even though places like Urban Barn have some wonderful pieces), I just have to create my own.

  6. Totally love it, now come to my house and just REPEAT! how easily will that be for you?? seriously…come on…you know you want to!! Honestly, looks so welcoming and fresh. Everything you do is stunning!

  7. I am OBSESSED with this bedroom. As always, you and the boy did a cracking job. Why the hell-o hasn't HGTV picked up on you two yet?!? Xo

  8. Hi Brittany, Loved the decor.
    I am actually planning to have my room painted in white. Particularly Jo Jo whitewash.
    But is it too shockingly white? How is the maintenance?