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Raspberry Mojitos + My Summer Wish List

In one short week, summer will officially be upon us. A time for more play, less work. More long nights, less sleep. More outside, less indoors. Summer is my favourite time of year! Every summer I like to make a wish list. Not quite goals, and not quite a to-do list, my wish list usually contains random yet attainable bits of summer fun… after all, every summer has a story

1 // Create a summer playlist – listen to it on repeat.
2 // Plan a patio night with all of my girlfriends – drink a bit & have too much fun.
3 // Go for a super long hike – one so long I wonder how I’m going to make it back.
4 // Buy some more summer dresses and wedges – even though I don’t need them.
5 // Drink more raspberry mojitos – for no reason other than they taste good.

Raspberry Mojito

Ice cubes
1 shot of Bacardi Rum (per drink)
Lots of mint leaves
4-5 raspberries
A squeeze of fresh lime
2 tablespoons sugar
Club soda

Mix & mash everything in a glass at levels that suit your taste. Some like more sugar. Some like more mint. Just do whatever tastes good to you… even add more rum if you like, because hey, it’s summer!

Do you have a summer wish list?

included in IFB Project #100

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