Rain Rain Go Away… And You To Cold Weather!

It thunder stormed like crazy last night!! The wind was howling, thunder, lighting, the whole 9 yards! I half expected some rain soaked crazy person to crash through my front door at any second… or at least a hot vampire to sneak in my window and sweep me off my feet…

don’t worry neither one of those happened… shucks I know!

Today doesn’t look any better…

Gone are the days of the 28C weather 🙁 Now we are left with 3C and the possibility of snow… yes SNOW!

Looks like my rain soaked garden will have to wait…

For now I am catching up on some very very very overdue computer work and cleaning my office… I am pretty sure that I could write obscenities in the layer of dust that has accumulated on my desk since I have been gone {sick i know!}

Keeping warm with a nice cup-a-coffee…

I’ll be heading out later to take my mom out for mother’s day breakie with my sisters… I really don’t want to go outside… yuck!

What are you guys doing this weekend for mother’s day?

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