Adventures of a “Raid”er

Remember my tiny ant problem that I mentioned last week… well yesterday I found out that it is a HUGE ant problem!!

I came home last night to discover probably 20+ large, black ants crawling around in my entryway, and in the doorway of my kitchen… YIKES!!!

I then checked outside the front door, and sure enough, possibly hundreds of ant crawling around… *insert cringing here* Like I said before, there are only 2 kinds of bugs I really, really cannot stand and that is earwigs and large black ants!

So what did I do?

Ran as fast as I could to Walmart and grabbed some Raid Ant & Roach Killer, and a three pack of ant traps…. (on the way out I also grabbed a Key Lime Pie Frozen Yogurt from Yogen Fruz… a little something to keep my mind calm about this whole situation… lol)

When I got home I went spray crazy!

I sprayed the floor on the inside of the house where I saw these guys fraternizing, I sprayed the “trail” they took from the doorway to the kitchen, I spray the doorway mats, under the stove, along the bottom of the front door, and along the baseboards…

I then took this tirade outside! I sprayed the entire step, the old crappy mat (which came with the house and I haven’t gotten rid of), the entire threshold of the entry way, along the entire front of the house, and basically any tiny crevice along the outside of the door…

I must have used almost half the can… I sprayed until everything was completely saturated… I also may or maynot have sprayed every-single-ant-I-saw!!

Like I said… spray crazy!

I then set up two ant traps, one outside on the front step and one inside the entryway right in their “trail” into the house…

Now, I guess I wait and see if this works.

I know that it is spring and all, but is there a specific time of year for ant? Or can I expect this to go on for the entire summer?

Any other suggestions for keeping these things outside are also helpful!

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