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My Top 7: Mario Brothers Birthday Party Edition

1. Mario… Everywhere // From a cut out of Mario, to balloon Goomba’s and paper Venus Fly Traps, this Mario themed birthday had it all!

2. Sweet Treats // Cupcakes, chocolate mustaches, foil coins, and a fully decorated Mario cake… I may have over-indulged… but I balanced it out with veggies & fruit… that makes it better, right?

3. Must Have a Mustache // Who doesn’t love a faux mustache?

4. Sliders & Dogs // Not in anyway related to the theme, but everyone loved them just the same!

5. Jumpy Things // Not sure what my sister would have done had she not rented a very large, inflatable jumpy castle. As soon as the kids arrived we didn’t see them for the next 2 hours!

6. Rain, Rain Go Away // It rained…. but at least it wasn’t cold.

7. The Quiet After the Storm // Nothing poops little ones out like being passed around to a million people to be held, and video games (Super Mario of course!).

On a serious note, where does the time go? I can’t believe 5 years has already passed since my little man was born… they really do grow up too fast.

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