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DIY101 with Rambling Renovators and The Home Depot

Ever feel like everything happens for a reason? As you may have noticed “Project Backyard” and “Project Grow Our Own Food” are in full swing, and in a few short weeks ‘J’ and I will be tackling our biggest project yet – the shed. Almost anticipating my lack of power tool knowledge, I received a very timely invite from Jen of Rambling Renovators and The Home Depot. They were going to be hosting a blogger workshop at The Home Depot Innovation Centre to teach us about gardening, power tools and painting. Like I said, the timing was perfect!

So Tuesday morning I braved the ridiculous 401 traffic and headed to Toronto. Apparently 2 hours was not enough time, and I embarrassingly arrived 20 minutes late. I did however arrive just in time to see Sylvian’s gardening demonstration. He walked us through the basics of creating a container herb garden; differentiating between the different types of soil, stressing the importance of using an organic fertilizer, and demonstrating how simple it is to add draining holes to a planter.

I was overjoyed when we were invited to put together our very own container herb garden. You all know how much I love food, and cooking with fresh herbs that I have grown myself is something that I have been itching to try! So in went lemon thyme, basil, rosemary, and mint.

“DIY101 Gardening Tip: Plants are like humans – you need to feed them. Fertilizer is their “food.” Feed them once a month.”

Up next was the tool man himself, Rick. Knowing all us ladies were itching to try out some impact drivers and mitre saws, Rick quickly walked us through some of the new and innovating products that The Home Depot carries, including the new Ryobi One line which is powered by one lithium battery and is interchangeable in all the tools – from weed wacker to compact drill!

And how impressed were we when we learned Ryobi makes a nail gun that does not need a compressor!

“DIY101 Power Tool Tip: Consider the chemistry of battery – lithium batteries deliver a better run time & performance.”

Last but not least was Nadia from Rust-Oleum. She managed to get us all excited about the new, colourful Painter’s Touch line, as well as the best selling Rust-Oleum Universal rubbed bronze spray paint. I even got to try my hand at the new Rust-Oleum Comfort Grip sprayer, which makes tackling large spraying projects easier by reducing finger fatigue.

“DIY101 Painters Tip: Painters Tip: When spray painting, stand about 1ft away from your project & spray lightly left to right, & back”

At the end of the day I walked away with a little more gardening, power tool and painting know-how. With help from The Home Depot, I am confident and eager to start my summer DIY projects!

Want to get a jumpstart on your DIY projects? Head on over to Rambling Renovators & enter to win a Home Depot DIY Kit!

(some photos via Rambling Renovators)

Disclosure: I was invited to this event as a guest of Rambling Renovators. I did receive a bag of corporate samples for attending. This did not influence my decision to write this post. All opinions are my own.

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