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My Top 7: Camping Edition

I am a big fan of traditions. Family traditions. Girlfriend traditions. And traditions that I partake in yearly with friends. Last weekends camping trip was one of them. Two other couples + “J” and I headed up to our favourite camping spot, Balsam Lake… there was boating, delicious food, and unlike last year – lots of sunshine!

1. Boating. We spent two afternoons out on the boat. It was nice to cruise around the lake, water-ski, and of course leap off the boat into deep waters. We even stopped along shore for a quick bite of ice cream… Chocolate Peanut Butter + Moosetracks for me!

Boating at Balsam Lake

2. The bear. Although I didn’t see it – we did hear about it. I just hope they didn’t hurt the little guy trying to remove him from the park…3. The food. If you follow me on Instagram then you would have seen that we ate like kings! I give “J” all the credit for taking the time to plan the meals, and even do the grocery shopping! Yes, he took an entire day off work to go grocery shopping! One of the night we even whipped up some of the Spicy Chili Garlic Shrimp that I love so much!

Camping Breakfast
Camping Dinners

4. Packing enough clothes to last me an entire week, and then realizing when I got there that nothing really matched, and I had brought more pants than dresses… #PackingFail5. The park itself is gorgeous and very clean. Our campsite was just steps from the lake…

Balsam Lake Provincial Park Ontario

6. “J” and I had the misfortune of discovering that our new air mattress (which we had purchased last year for our camping trip) had a hole in it. Needless to say, by the morning of our first night we were sleeping on the ground. #MattressFail7. Spending time with “J.” Even though we were there with friends, it was still nice to spend some time with “J”… especially after being gone for the entire week…

What are some of your favourite camping memories?

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