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Fresh and Ready: Triscuit Caprese Bites

To date, the best caprese salad I have ever eaten, in my entire life, was at a hotel restaurant in Pennsylvania. A few years ago I had taken a road trip with two of my mushroom colleagues to Kennett Square, Pennsylvania for a meeting. Seeing it was a 9+ hour drive, we decided to stop halfway and grab a bite to eat. We ended up at a very random hotel restaurant just off the highway. The name of the hotel escapes me… even the name of the restaurant escapes me… but what I will never forget is how incredibly good their caprese salad was. The tangy balsamic was complemented perfectly by the sweet, juicy vine ripen tomato, while the mild, soft mozzarella added a nice texture.

Inspired by the faint memories that tingle on my taste buds all these years later, I whipped up these quick and easy Triscuit Caprese Bites this past weekend for my nephews birthday party.

Triscuit Caprese Bites

6 Triscuit crackers seasoned with Rosemary & Olive Oil
3 mini mozzarella balls, cut in half
3 ripe cherry tomatoes, cut in half
1 tbsp balsamic glaze
6 small fresh basil leaves

Place Triscuit crackers on a tray. Top  crackers with half a mozzarella ball, half a cherry tomato, a drizzle of balsamic glaze, and basil leaf. Serve to your eager guests immediately.

With Triscuit, Your Stage is Set. You can explore the taste of savory rosemary with Triscuit crackers seasoned with Rosemary & Olive Oil in a variety of fashions. Whether straight from the box, dipped in a greek antipasto dip, or freshened up with a Caprese salad, your creative opportunities are endless.

Looking for an easy recipe, perfect for any occasion? Try out the Triscuit “Your Stage is Set” app on Triscuit Canada Facebook Page.

What’s your favourite way to top a cracker?

Disclosure: This is a paid post through SheBlogs Media. I purchased Triscuit Rosemary & Olive Oil Crackers to try it personally before writing about it. All opinions are my own.

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