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Girls Weekend + Summer Mojitos

This tradition started 2 years ago… all my best girlfriends leave their kids, husbands, and boyfriends at home, and we all migrate up to one of our cottages for a weekend of sun, drinks, and lots of food!

For me this break can’t come at a better time. Just arriving home from Chicago yesterday, I am definitely looking for a little R&R… as well as some fun & excitement with some of my best girls.

One thing that is synonymous with girls weekend is our famous Mojitos. Actually, we try to drink them on any occasion, but this is when I truly got hooked!

Summer Mojito

Ice cubes
1 shot of Bacardi Rum (per drink)
Lots of mint leaves
The juice of 1 a fresh lime
4 tablespoons sugar
Club soda
slices of lime for garnish

Mix everything in a glass at levels that suit your taste. Some like more sugar. Some like more mint. Just do whatever tastes good to you… even add more rum if you like!

Wishing you all a very happy and relaxed weekend!

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