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Taking Stock 02

cooking // lots of exciting things… including rabbit & beer can chicken.
drinking // cocktails with homemade strawberry, raspberry, chocolate balsamic shrub.
reading // a romance novel by nicky charles about werewolves. a mix between twilight & 50 shades of grey.
wanting // more yoga jeans.
looking // forward to blogpodium and fbc2014 this fall.
playing // the room… but I turn off the creepy music.
wishing // the summer would never end.
enjoying // mock mojitos at lunch.
waiting // for season 3 of orange is the new black.
liking // all the advice i have been given lately. now i just have to implement.
wondering // when my tomatoes will be ready #hurryup.
loving // this song by majid jordan. on repeat. every day.
hoping // maddy makes it through her vet appointment today.
needing // more hours in the day.
smelling // nothing much lately… these dang seasonal allergies.
wearing // a lot of clothing from old navy…really liking their selection lately.
craving // s’mores. nuff said.

running // not as often as i would like #toobusy.
thinking // i should really head up to the cottage soon.
feeling // a little overwhelmed. i know it will pass.
bookmarking // a lot of business stuff… templates, plugins, tutorials…

A special thanks to The Daybook for inspiring this post series.

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