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Hello Holidays

It’s hard to believe Christmas is a mere seven weeks away. It feels like just yesterday I was gathering with my family, stuffing my face with glorious holiday food, and opening presents galore.

Holiday Table Decor for Leon's Hello Holiday Guide

It might seem like a long way out, but seven weeks is the perfect amount of time to start planning for the big day. From shopping for gifts to planning the menu, I’ve found prioritizing your to-do list can make everything manageable and enjoyable. In true foodie fashion the one thing I like to tackle first is the menu. And while I have gone all-out in the past, serving fancy crostini, devilled eggs, and gluten-free brownies, this year I am going to keep it simple and get back to basics.

Leons Decorated Table Hello Holiday Guide

It feels really good knowing my family will be sitting down to a meal made up of some of their favourites. From my fragrant Mulled Tea and easy Caprese Bites, to a Traditional Turkey with Cranberry Stuffing and a No-Bake Dessert, this is a holiday meal I know my family with love (and I know your family will love too!).

Rosemary Wreath for Leon's Holiday Guide

If you’re like me and find yourself already preparing for the holidays, you’re going to want to check out Leon’s new Hello Holiday guide! It’s overflowing with holiday inspiration from some of the most talented bloggers and creators out there! From functional holiday DIY’s to adding a touch of winter to every room, this guide is what you need for a happy holiday home. And make sure you check out my traditional holiday menu, it can be found on pages 73-77. Happy browsing!

Leon's Hello Holiday Guide
Leon's Hello Holiday Guide

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