My Top 7: Extra Long Weekend Edition

1. I played hooky on Friday… It was a gorgeous day, and it would have been a shame if I didn’t spend it outside. “J” and I headed to Kelso Lake Conservation Area and hiked along the escarpment cliffs… It’s not my favourite spot to hike (because you can hear the constant drone of the 401 Highway), but it’s still really beautiful up there…

2. Saturday morning “J” and I headed over to his best friends “Farm.” While the boys mucked around with the pigs, the ladies caught some rays. Lunch was grilled up by the boys on the charcoal BBQ…

3. It’s was certainly patio weather on Saturday night, so we headed out to a local bar to celebrate a friends birthday. I, of course, ate too many deep fried banana peppers and nachos!

4. Sunday Breakfast!

5. Went and saw Ted with one of my girlfriends Sunday afternoon… a very funny movie… but I think the rating should be a little higher than 14A….

6. After the movies, “J” and I headed to a friends house in New Hamburg for dinner. After a delicious meal of sausage and caesar salad (with homemade dressing), we walked down to the park to enjoy the Canada Day fireworks… Happy Birthday Canada!

7. No “Holiday Monday” for me… yes, I had to work this afternoon… while “J” lounged on the couch (lucky guy!).

How did you celebrate this past weekend?

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