My Top 7

1. “J” & I headed out to “The Farm” on Saturday night for some relaxing & a BBQ with friends. If you haven’t heard me talk about “The Farm” on twitter, it’s basically a little hobby farm at “J’s” best friends house.  They are raising 60 chickens this year, as well as three pigs… which they have lovingly named Bacon, Pork Chop & Ham.

2. Mornings at the gym… I am adjusting.

3. Only 19 days until BlogPodium! I have been looking forward to this conference since the last one in January. And the topic is a great one: The Business of Blogging with Guest Speaker Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely. (This time around, I will have business cards!)


4. I finally discovered the name of the song in the Victoria’s Secret commercials, it’s called Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. It’s been on repeat all week. Along with this song and this song. So pretty!

5. Little kids playing ball hockey. My 3 year old nephew started ball hockey last month. Watching these little guys run around, chasing a ball is just too cute! (I think I’m his biggest fan).


6. I am ever-so-slowly creeping up to 1000 followers on Twitter… and who knows what celebrations I have in store when I hit the big 1000

7. I was in dire need of some summer flats, so I bought these super cute ones from Zellers. At only $15 I couldn’t say no… however I was able to show some self control by not buying every colour.

Zellers Shoes

How was your weekend? Did you have a chance to get out & enjoy the sunshine?

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