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If I were going back to school…

It’s funny how all the “Back to School” hype can really get you in the mindset to shop!

I have been out of school for over 4 years now, but whenever this back to school season comes I always feel excited… almost like I’m the one going back {when no, actually I will still be sitting at a desk 8 hours a day 5 days a week… womp womp!}.

Back to school clothes shopping was always the highlight of my summer {wow if that’s a highlight, I must have lived a pretty dull life!}, I couldn’t wait to hit up a mall and shop for the perfect outfit to debut on the first day of school…

This got me thinking, what would I wear now if I were going back to school…

Yup, you’ve got it! If you were to see me on the first day of school this is what I would be wearing! Haha simple yet stylish, no?

I might actually go out and buy this outfit and wear it to work on the first day of school… haha!

First Day of School Challenge
Feeling creative? What would you wear on the first day of school?
Do up a little clothing storyboard of your own {I used Polyvore}, and come back here and link up! Trust me this will be fun!

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