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Wanted // Yoga Jeans

There are moments in life I like to think I will never forget; my first date with “J,” the birth of my niece, getting a new puppy… Well, I would like to add one more to the list… my introduction to Yoga Jeans. Yup, life-changing.

Yoga Jeans Available at Shop Girls

I was lucky enough to be invited to a fun & intimate event at Shopgirls Gallery Boutique this past weekend, where shop owner Michelle explained the ins-and-outs of shopping for your shape. The concept is simple; shop for clothing that is most flattering for you body shape and that you feel most comfortable in. One particular item Michelle showcased during her presentation was the Yoga Jean. Shopgirls have sold over 8000 pairs, and rightly so! This super stretchy, ultra-flattering jean looks good on everyone. So whether you are a rectangle, circle, triangle or hourglass, Yoga Jeans have you covered!

In all honesty, these are the most comfortable pair of jeans I own. No lie. I haven’t taken them off since receiving a pair on Sunday. Yes they are that comfortable. So why did these make it onto my “wanted” list? Quite frankly, I’ve been converted and now I want more. If you own a pair, you know what I’m talking about.

Have you experienced the comfiness that is Yoga Jeans?

Disclosure: Shopgirls was kind enough to give me a pair of Yoga Jeans at their event. In no way was I obligated to write a blog post, however when I tried the jeans on I fell in love… so basically I am spreading the Yoga Jean love… and well, I am so obsessed with them that I bought two new pairs. You should too! You’ll thank me later!

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  1. Will have to try those. I have some cheapie Hanes version that I love. The look like denim, the pockets in front are fake, but the ones in back are real.