A Small DIY Project: Update & Freebie

Sooo I finally got around to writing up a post about last weekends Small DIY Project!

When I saw this photo I was instantly inspired, and knew the exact spot that I would like try this project… My Office!

My office is still one of those “Spaces in Progress.” I have lots of ideas for this room, but alas I have to wait for the $$ to do so.

How about an office tour…

It’s definitely a small space (7×10). Pretty much everything in my office is from IKEA {I love their office solutions!}… I am also hoping to put a small futon-type couch along the wall pictured above, and envision a photo ledge above it for all my art…

Well, the space I had envisioned the project for is the wall right above my computer monitors…

I got to work! Lucky for me I had all the supplies required to make this project; black and beige cardstock, double sided sticky dots, Adobe Illustrator, and a printer!

A last minute decision made me want to go with birds rather than butterflies, so I whipped up this template…

I printed the template on regular paper, and cut each bird out. I used them to trace the shape onto the black & beige cardstock, then cut them out. I then used a pencil to slightly curl the wings so that they would look 3D once stuck to the wall. A little double-sided foam sticky dot on the back and I was good to go…

Enter my small flock of birds!!

So what do you think?

I only did a few to begin with because I can always add more, but for now, I like the 9 little ones I have 🙂

Want to make your own?? Just download my Free Flying Bird Wall Template Here!

If you use it I would love to see some pictures, so make sure you come back to share 😉

What was your most recent little DIY project? Link Up!

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