I am a contest enterer. I enter almost every contest I can. Big, small, for trips, for cars, for food, if you can win it, I enter it.

Despite how many contest I enter, I never seem to win 🙁

For example, this past fall I entered a daily contest, everyday, for the entire contest period. I had a total of 61 entries. I though for sure I was going to win! I mean, how many other crazy people are out there entering a contest everyday… right? LOL. Well, I didn’t win…

Today I got some good news. A call from Marlin Travel… when she said “Hi. This is So-&-So from Marlin Travel….” I though I was going to have a brain aneurysm, because all I could think was Wohooo I Won a Trip!!!!


She was calling to tell me I won… a 3 piece luggage set.

Definitely not the grand prize, but it’s free, so I will take it!

Next up… book a trip somewhere… lol.

Have you ever won anything?? Do share!

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