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Before & After // Main Bathroom Refresh

You know what I find amazing? How much a single can of paint can transform a room. I mean, it’s so simple right? A can of paint can take a room from dreary to cheery, from boring to exciting, from blah to oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-that-bathroom!!?


My situation was definitely the latter. The main bathroom in my house was in desperate need of some new paint… and I am sure you can see why, BLAH! I really wish I could blame this colour on the previous owners, like I do with everything else that’s wrong with this house (ie: no dining room light, dirty grout, kitchen layout, etc), but no. Unfortunately I painted the bathroom this colour. Yes, I did this to myself!


I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. Ok, I know what I was thinking… “paint it an outrageous colour and that will detract from the fact that it’s still a builder-grade bathroom.” Needless to say, it backfired. Like lipstick on a pig. So a few weeks ago “J” and I decided it was time to say goodbye to our builder-grade bathroom, but we wanted to do it in the most economical and easiest way possible.


We outlined three things that needed to change in order to make the bathroom feel less cookie-cutter and more custom… First up, paint. Clearly this bathroom needed to be painted. STAT! After a very long conversation with “J” I convinced him to paint it white. Surprised? You should be! “J” is not a paint-it-white kind of guy, so there was a lot of phrases like “trust me, you’ll love,” “it will look soooo beautiful, you’ll love it,” and “if you don’t outright let me paint it white I will just do it while you’re sleeping… and you’ll love it!” thrown around.


Needless to say, painting the bathroom with Behr Marquee Interior Matte paint in White Wool was the first step in the right direction. It immediately made the bathroom feel fresh and inviting. At this point “J” outright declared he hated it, but I told him to wait until it was all put together before he committed to his feelings…. again, I told him he would loooove it!


Next on to-do list upgrade anything and everything that was “builder-grade.” That meant the bulbous light fixture, the tacky plastic toilet paper holder, and towel rack had to go! #RipThoseSuckersOut.


The towel bar was easily removed, but the toilet paper holder proved to be a bit more difficult as we didn’t want to damage the side of the cupboard. We tried our best, but the industrial strength adhesive the builder slapped that sucker on there with chipped the wood slightly. Nothing a little stain couldn’t fix!


Free of the horrible monstrosities that are builder-grade holders, we happily replaced the toilet paper holder and the towel rack with a beautiful chrome set from the Moen Iso collection and the vanity light with one we had stowed away since we moved into the house.


At this point in the project I could see “J” coming around, but he wasn’t 100% convinced he was going to love it.


But I still had one more trick up my sleeve… the last thing on my list; the mirror. If you have ever been in a basic new-build home you know the type of mirror I am talking about. They are large. They are plain. They are boring. And they scream “frame me!”


After a quick trip to Home Depot Canada, “J” and I had all the supplies to build a beautiful wooden frame: pine, stain and liquid nails. It was super easy and as you can tell… oh. so. worth. it! (Stay tuned I’ll be sharing exactly how we built and installed this frame very soon!)


So there you have it! In one weekend our main bathroom went from drab to fab. From meh to yeah! From blah to oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-that-bathroom!!? And wouldn’t you know it, “J” went from “I hate it” to “I love it.”

// Project Breakdown \\

For those of you who are interested in the materials breakdown of this project, you can find everything listed below:

Disclosure: This post was in partnership with Home Depot Canada. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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