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1 Year House Anniversary // My Favourite Home Projects to Date

Here we are. One week into November and it dawned on me… we’ve been in our new house for one year now! That right, this past October marked our one year house anniversary. It feels like yesterday I was gushing about how I couldn’t wait to move in… how long the 5 months felt… and how eager I was to start my Para Blog Crew projects. This first year really went by in a flash.

It was obvious when we first moved in the house didn’t need a lot of work. Besides a crack in the foundation that needed to be filled, the house was pretty much in tip-top shape. However the bland decor and stark backyard left a lot to be desired. Over the course of the year “J” and I worked really hard on several home projects – making our house feel like home. Here are my Favourite Home Projects to date…

The Cedar Bench // The cedar bench project was my pride and joy! With a helping hand from The Home Depot, “J” and I built a beautiful statement piece for our front porch. I can’t even tell you how many compliments we’ve received in the past 3 months…

The Raised Garden Beds // Growing our own vegetables and herbs was a big deal this summer, and although our tomato plants didn’t produce as much as we would have hoped, at least we laid the ground work for years to come by getting the raised beds built. Building the beds was a relatively easy process, but it did take us 2 wheelbarrows, 5 people, and 4 hours to move 7 yards of top soil from our driveway to the backyard. In the end, I am incredibly please with how everything turned out.

The Living Room // Probably the easiest task on the list was pulling together the living room. It was as simple as paint and decorate. The tricky part was making sure we had enough cohesive furniture to fill the room… we didn’t want it to look like it was the room where all our random pieces went to die. In the end, I wouldn’t say “it’s finished,” but it’s pretty dang close!

The Entryway // A project that took much more time than I had hoped was painting the entryway. A little trail-and-error eventually lead me in the right direction, and in the end it turned out better than I imagined. Now I just need to get my act together and add the finishing touches… yup, one year later it’s still waiting for accessories!

My Home Office // Because I work from home, it was very important to have my office set up and running as quickly as possible. My slight OCD would prevent me from getting any actual work done if I were surrounded by boxes. Again, the office was a pretty much a “paint-and-go” project, and was in working order in less than 2 weeks!


The Shed // Of course “J’s” favourite project to date would have to be the shed. And as much as I would like to take credit for half of the work, I can’t. It was definitely a labour of love for “J.” He spent a lot of evenings and weekends in the backyard making sure everything was just right. From pouring the concrete pad, to tediously making sure every wall was perfectly square, the shed project was 100% “J’s” baby. Although we didn’t get it 100% completed this summer (we still need to install electrical and lighting), it still looks amazing!


So there you have it, a whole year’s worth of progress. What else do I have in store? This winter I would love to update all the bathroom mirrors with custom frames and swap out the hideous builder’s lights, accessorize the front entryway, and finish the loft/livingroom. A real dream of mine would be to restructure the kitchen to improve counter space, cabinet space, and flow…. of course that would be a huge undertaking, but we will see what happens!

Do you have any favourite projects from this year?

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  1. Wow, I am very impressed. We must have the same great taste, 😉 because I love every single thing you've done here. The outside bench is something I see myself building when I move back into a place with a proper yard. AND, I'm so happy to see the pictures you've hung behind your couch are positioned at a PERFECT height. It drives me crazy when I see so many other people's pics of art hung WAY too high. Silly, I know, but it's a pet peeve…. I just stumbled across your blog today, have now subscribed, and look forward to digging deeper into your posts. Cheers!