Dresser Dilemma: Solved!

Remember that dresser I bought on Kijiji a while back? Ya that one
Remember how it was in dire need of a makeover? And you all agreed

Well, inspiration finally struck (as well as energy, which apparently I have been lacking lately…), and I decided that this past weekend was going to be the weekend to give it its much needed makeover…

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we!

I set up a nice little area in my courtyard, covered everything with plastic, and hauled the dresser and everything else outside…. Then I got to work!!

Drawers were up first…

Followed shortly by the dresser…

There is something that I must admit… this was my first time using spray paintEVER!

When picking out the type of paint for the project I must have stood in Home Depot for 20 minutes just staring at the paints before deciding that yes I was very lazy, and I should use spray paint. I ended up buying 3 cans of

Rust-Oleum Universal in Satin Black.

My review on this paint is that it is very easy to use! What I liked most about it was that you could spray it from any angle, even upside down! The bottle says that it will be chip resistant, but we will see after a little while with the dresser in use 😉

Once the dresser was dry, in place, and the new hardware was on, I was more than pleased with the results!

Oooohhh new dresser!!

Before and After Dress

Project Cost Breakdown:
Dresser: $20
Spray Paint: $9 (I bought 3 cans at $9 each, but only ended up using 1 full can, and a tiny bit out of the second, this was because I didn’t have anything else to paint… see below for that interesting story*)
Hardware: $17
Total Dresser Cost: $46

*As a little side note rant… I was going to pick up those Kijiji nightstands on Saturday morning before I started painting the dresser so that I could paint everything all at once… BUT… the seller NEVER got back to me with his address!!! I sent him a note saying that I would like to come by at 12:30pm on Saturday afternoon to purchase them, and all he sent back was a “sure.” What the Hell? I then emailed again asking for his address, and he never got back to me… I was livid!! Who posts something and then doesn’t follow through?? Jeesh!

Anywho, what do you lovelies think?? Pretty good for my first time using spray paint!

Do you remember your first time using spray paint? What project was it? Link up if you have pics!

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