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Covered Patio Reveal

Well, this is a post I never thought I would write. It’s official. “J” and I are done our backyard! Done. Complete. Finite!

These past three years we have painstakingly shaped our barren wasteland of a backyard into a relaxing, functional, beautiful oasis. A place for us to relax, entertain, and enjoy those long summer nights.

When we started “Project Backyard” three years ago, the first project we tackled was our raised vegetable garden. We felt having our own fresh food, within a few steps from our back door, was important and a priority. Although that project took a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we are so happy with the results.

The following year we built a shed (which I now know I could not live without; it’s a great place to store all those odds and ends that don’t fit in the garage), followed by not one, but two poured concrete patios! We honestly thought that would be the end of it, but when we discovered the flimsy canvas gazebo we bought just wasn’t holding up like we had hoped, we knew a permanent patio cover was needed.

While a thick blanket of snow still covered our backyard, we pulled out our sketch pads, pencils, tape measures, and rulers and created the perfect lean-to patio cover for our new outdoor living area.

After consulting with some of the knowledgeable specialists at The Home Depot, I learned there is a new trend in outdoor living spaces. Turns out we are not the only ones with a desire to transform a backyard space into so much more than just a simple seating area. This growing backyard trend has actually prompted The Home Depot to stock large & beautiful gazebos, comfortable patio furniture, and accessories to make the most of those cool nights.

At the end of May, when we had our plans finalized, the list of required building materials on paper, and our budgeting figured out, we ventured to The Home Depot to talk with the experts about our new project. Not only did the sales associates and patio specialist ensure we had all the right materials, they even made suggestions to help us on our journey. We knew we had a solid team of professionals on our side.

From start to finish our new covered patio took us approximately 2.5 weeks to build &complete. While the bulk of the construction took place during the course of one weekend, many of the finishing touches required several hours throughout the week to finish.

In the end, I am so incredibly thankful for “J’s” help with this project. While I was the one with the “master vision,” he definitely was the one who did a lot of the execution (that said, I was constantly on-hand when he needed me to cut a board, move the ladder, pass a screw, carry a skylight, seal the ends of the pressure treated wood, and decorate). He really did an excellent job at bringing my vision to life!

For those of you who are interested in seeing the step-by-step how-to, stay tuned! I’ll be posting all the details of the build tomorrow!

I thought I’d have a little fun tonight and give you a live tour of my new covered patio on Periscope! Follow me on Twitter in order to get the link to my live broadcast at 6:00pm ET! So grab a glass of wine and get your questions ready! Looking forward to chatting with you tonight!

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  1. Please tell me where you got the furniture. I’m guessing Home Depot? Do you have a link to the exact ones? I love them! Beautiful patio. 🙂

    1. Hi, I have the same question as Lynn, plus, where can we get/purchase plans for this gazibo? My husband has promised to build one for me, but we couldn’t agree on design before I saw yours.
      Thank you.