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Finished Powderroom Revealed!

Although it was finished weeks ago, I am yes, only getting around to posting about it now… but that doesn’t mean that I am less excited!

So lets take a little re-cap walk-back of what this powderroom looked like when I first moved in

Yaa! I was not at all diggin’ the ugly cupboards, the counter-top, or the gigantic 13 litre flush toilet… I mean this thing pretty much shook the floor when you flushed it!!

At first I thought that I was going to keep the wall colour until my dad had to do a horrendous patch job where the sink and toilet paper holder used to be… alas we came to this….

Then more progress was made on the floors…

The length of time between this stage and the finished product was waaayyy to long. I think I must have put 4 coats of primer on the walls where my dad patched… it just kept absorbing it!

Once the walls were painted we cranked this baby out over the course of a weekend…

And so with great excitement I present to you…

My Finished Powderroom!!

Horraayy!! {insert happy dance here}

There is still one little spot there under the sink that I have to paint, and the frames on the walls need photos, but it is pretty much D.O.N.E!!!

It certainly has come a long way, and I am sooo happy with the finished product (or perhaps I am just happy that the product is finished… LOL ahaha!)

What do you think?? Have you ever worked on a project that seem to take forever? Were you happy when it was finally done?

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