Moving Day Recap: Part 2

*Read Part 1 Here*

Monday December 28th
I must have got up around 9:00am to finish packing… and ran out of boxes! Not cool!
My dad and my younger brother Brandon showed up around 10:30 (luckily with boxes), but were not impressed by the lack of progress I had made.

Dad and I went and grabbed the U-Haul and started the long (and painful) 3 hour packing of the truck. You see, my dad is a perfectionist… everything had to be compacted ever so slightly into the truck… it was more like he was playing an organized game of Tetris. Honestly, if it was up to me I would have just thrown everything in the truck and made 3 trips. In the ended we fit EVERYTHING in my apartment into the 14ft U-Haul… Applause!

On our way over to the house the weather started to turn… it started to snow… hard! When we got to the house we started unpacking immediately! And in this made rush of unpacking it became obvious that my tedious labeling of each box (kitchen, bathroom, basement) was not important… everything got thrown into what little space there was in the living room, office, and spare bedroom!

On top of all this madness some idiot scheduled the cable guy to come install the internet and cable on the same day (yes that idiot was me)… the result was me standing in the basement with the guy looking at my ceiling going “uhhh where does the cable run??” End result was this… a big hole in the ceiling…

we will save that side story for another day 😉

The rest that followed seems like a blur of panic and anxiety…

A deal was made with my landlady that since she was letting me out of my lease early (9 months early might I add), that I would have to clean the apartment that night because the guy who was renting it next was moving in the next day… So my sister and I pretty much flew back to the apartment and scrubbed it clean, top to bottom! Not that it was that dirty anyways…. Unfortunately my landlady had already left (because yes I was late getting there) and I would have to drop the keys off the next day…. grrrr more stuff to do!

We headed back to the new house to get the empty U-Haul to return it.

By the end of the night everything was all moved in, the U-Haul was returned, the help was well fed with pizza & beer, and once again I was completely exhausted!

If parking on the street was not illegal during the winter I probably would have just passed out on my sisters couch, but after the late dinner I made the trek to new home to make my bed and prepare for the next day: unpacking!

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