I would like you to meet Hope

Two weekends ago I welcomed the newest addition to my “Perfectly Imperfect” master bedroom…


I shall call her Hope.

Hope was handmade by my Grandpa, and has been sitting in my room at my dad‘s house forever… And although she is rather large, smells like cedar, doesn’t match my decor, and is filled to the brim with really random childhood things {like my parents wedding pictures…? They have been divorced for over 20 years… I guess this goes back to my dad keeping everything…} I will love her all the livelong-day!

Cedar-Hope-Chest Cedar-Hope-Chest2

Ideally I would have liked to put her at the foot of my bed…. but she’s too wide… for now she will have to stay under my window… actually she is kinda growing on me…

Do you have a hope chest or trunk? Where do you have yours?

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