What to do, what to do? What to do with a Pallet or two?

I have this big empty space along the one wall in my office… I have this grand idea in my head of a nice, big art feature above a couch or bench… unfortunately I am a little short on the mula, so this project has been pushed back… and back… and back…

For a little while at work there was a pallet/skid sitting in our back hallway… I walked past it everyday, several times a day… there is sat, staring at me, challenging me “how can you use me creatively??”

Last week {while finally browsing through my 1000+ unread feeds in my Google reader}, this caught my eye…

Yes Miss Ashley Ann {of Under the Sycamore} showed me how to make my dreams a reality!!

Seriously!? How friggin’ cute is this bed… more importantly look at what it is made of… skids!

So, new project…

make this bed… only make it half the width! It’s on the list! 😉

Stay tuned I will let you know when I start and the process… and of course I will take pictures.

Have you ever made anything using skids/pallets? Do you know someone who did? What did they use them for?

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