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The Universe works in mysterious ways

I am starting to believe that they universe works in mysterious ways… case in point…

Last night my dad came over, and we headed to trusty Home Depot to get the supplies to start on the powder room. (Right now I just figured we would tackle the powder room and then start on the upstairs main bathroom closer to the end of the month.)

So I have been visiting Home Depot every week since before Christmas waiting for the Ceralux Pedestal sink to come in (seen here in this post). Since my dad really wants to start the powder room this weekend I neeeeeded that sink ASAP. Unfortunately there were none in stock… again!

I find the nearest sales associate and ask about the Ceralux sink… “I’ve been checking for 3 weeks to see when this sink has come in, any chance it will be in, in the next day or two??”

His response was not promising… he couldn’t tell me when the next shipment was coming in.

“Come with me and I will show you this other sink,” he says.

I follow him around the corner to a feature display, and there sits a gorgeous Kohler Pedestal Sink. “Do you like this one?” he asks. I look over at the price tag… almost $700!!! Of course I like it, it’s almost $700!!!

Now let’s keep in mind that I am there to buy a $93 Ceralux sink… it is simply an ‘it-will-do’ sink… and I am cheap.

“Yes I do like it, but…” I say.

“Ok, how about I give you this sink for $93?” he says.

….. blink …. blink …. here’s me speechless.

“Did I mention I need a toilet??”

In the end, I ended up paying $93 for a $700 Kohler Pedestal Sink, and $189 for a $400 Kohler Toilet Tank and Toilet Bowl (which I believe will also qualify for a $60 rebate from the city).

I plan on using these ones in the upstairs bathroom (since they are sooo nice), and I am still going to buy a cheapy $79 Pedestal sink from Home Hardware for the powder room! And as in the previous plan, the old toliet in there is staying.

Now, since the universe has to equal everything out…

We arrived back at my house 2 hours later, only to find that the powder room sink has sprung a leak!! Go figure right?? This could only happen to me!! It leaked all into the vanity, down the pipes, into the basement, and all over the floor.

Sooooo… off goes the water, and out comes the plumbing supplies!

Since we are gutting the powder room this weekend anyways, we just solder the lines closed for now until we can get all the new copper pipes, drain, floor and sink in.

So it turned out to be a pretty weird night!

Have you ever had something awesome happen to you, only to have something bad happen to you shortly thereafter?

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