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A Simple Faucet Update

“I hate that faucet, it’s being replaced as soon as we move in!” Those were the exact words that came out of my mouth on August 11, 2012 during our last walk-though of this house.

Upgrading a Builder-Grade Kitchen Faucet

Fast forward, oh I don’t know, almost three years… and this just happened. We finally, finally removed the terrible builder-grade faucet in our kitchen, and replaced it with a sleek and modern Delta Trinsic Faucet. It’s so sleek… and shiny… and new. I’m so in love!

Installing a Delta Trinsic Faucet
Installing a Delta Trinsic Faucet

The installation process was very easy and straight forward, however because we were going from a three-hole faucet to a two-hole faucet we had to use a sink hole cover (which will hopefully be temporary; I have big plans to get a new sink!). The soap dispenser was additional, but I felt it was a must-have since my last Delta faucet (which we left at the townhouse) came with one, and I loved it!

Installing a Delta Trinsic Faucet
Installing a Delta Trinsic Faucet

Now if I can just convince “J” to upgrade the sink… the counter-tops… and the backsplash, we’ll be golden!

Did you recently do an update that was a long time coming? How did you feel once it was complete?

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  1. I think I used to have the same faucet as your old one and a few years after moving into my place I updated it. When I moved again, a new faucet was on my list as a first project and it got done! I almost got the trinsic too, but it was too tall to clear under my cabinets :). It's gorgeous