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How to Host an Unforgettable Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother's Day Brunch Tablescape Decor

Spring is in the air! The sun is shining, the snow has melted, and you might not realize it, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner! If you’re like me, you’ve likely already done your fair share of scrolling through Pinterest for Mother’s Day inspiration. What do you buy her? Where should you take her? How do you tell her how much you love her? You might very well be still asking yourself these questions, but don’t you fret, I have the answers, and it all begins with… Mother’s Day Brunch!

Motherhood is one of the greatest things in life and is a job that can be stressful, thankless, and at times, dirty. All the moms in your life, whether they be friends, sisters, cousins, grandparents or mother-in-laws, deserve to be showered in love, so show them just how much you appreciate all they do with an intimate afternoon filled with flowers, food, and a few laughs.

Mother's Day Brunch Tablescape Decor

It might sound like a lot of work, but if you follow my Top 8 Mother’s Day Brunch Tips below you’ll be brunching in no time! After all, Mamas deserve to be celebrated!

Guest List

It can be hard not to want to invite every mom you know! I personally have a lot of close friends who have recently become mothers, and I would love nothing more than to honour them all, but alas, quality over quantity is best in this case. The key is to only invite as many people as you can fit around your table. This may be 2, this may be 10, but it helps keep all your guests engaged and the conversation intimate. One thing is for sure, make sure your own mom makes the list!

Invite the Kids to Your Mother's Day Brunch Invite Your Grandmother to Mother's Day Brunch Invite New Moms to Your Mother's Day Brunch


There is something so charming & memorable about receiving a printed invitation in the mail (it’s actually one of my favourite things about being invited to a wedding!). Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, consider sending a formal invitation in the mail. Depending on your brunch theme you may want to customize the look and feel of your printed invitations. It can be as simple as adding a ribbon or sprinkling a few pieces of confetti into the envelope.

Mother's Day Bar Cart Decor

For this brunch I wanted the focus to be spring flowers, so I designed an invitation to match, which you can download & use here. If you’re winging this brunch last minute, use email. Sending out an invite is essential; it lets guests know the pertinent details like why, when, where and what time!

Brunch Preparation

Let’s be honest, there are just never enough hours in the day! Am I right, or am I right? It’s completely unrealistic for you to expect to put together this entire brunch the morning-of… so make a list of tasks you can tackle the day before!

Mother's Day Brunch Tablescape, Flowers and Decor

Lucky for us, Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday, so you have one full day to dedicate to party prep! Often, I arrange the flowers and set the table the night before. I also look for recipes that can be prepared in advance, either entirely or partially (every little bit counts). Planning ahead will absolutely put your mind at ease and help you relax and enjoy the company!

Theme & Colour Palette

As silly as it sounds, make sure your brunch has a theme. It doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top but deciding on a general theme and colour palette will help you layer in cohesive elements throughout, like the invitation, tablescape, florals and serving ware. If your theme is centered around pastel florals you’re likely not going to send out an invitation featuring polka dots on a fuchsia background! Keep it simple and feminine… think pale pink, muted green and buttercream yellow!

Pick a Theme and Colour Palette for Your Mother's Day Brunch


There is something so special about sitting down to enjoy a delicious brunch at a stylish table. From the centerpiece to the cutlery, paying attention to these small but important details can really impress your guest of honour! I wanted my table to be overflowing with pops of pretty! The key is layering. The stunning floral runner was the main focal point, which was softened by an extra-long sheer table runner (I just love how it puddled on the floor on either side of the table! So chic!).

Tips for Designing Your Table for Mother's Day

Adding simple tapered candles in gorgeous antique brass holders was an excellent way to add varying height and points of interest, plus they helped set the mood! Using several large and small cake stands helped elevate the food, making the table seem less cluttered. In the end, I absolutely loved the mix of simple décor and rustic/vintage details; they turned the table into a stunning backdrop for a beautiful brunch.

Table Set for Mother's Day Brunch


A rustic white-washed wood table the perfect backdrop for a plethora of ranunculus, hyacinths, tulips and eucalyptus, which Jackie from The Flower Studio beautifully arranged for the runner of my table. Keeping it low and long ensured all my guests could easily see each other from across the table.

Ranunculus, Hyacinths, Tulips and Eucalyptus for Mother's Day Brunch

Now, if there’s one thing I’ve learned running a business it’s delegate, delegate, delegate! You can’t do it all yourself no matter how hard you try! Hiring a florist to create a custom piece was an excellent investment as it freed up my time to focus on other details like food & décor. Not only that it makes a beautiful gift for Mom at the end of brunch; a sweet memento for her to remember the day.

It’s All in the Details

Even the most minuscule details can make your Mom’s day, so don’t skip on the small stuff! Try incorporating sentimental pieces, like your great grandmother’s china or cutlery, into your tablescape (Mom WILL notice!!). Little treasures, like potted succulents at each place setting, are pretty conversation starters.

Easy DIY Printable Menu and Placecards for Mother's Day

Printable pieces, like floral menu cards and name tags, are inexpensive ways to add a special touch to each place setting, not to mention they are easy to create, simply download a template, fill it in, and print! I’m also a huge fan of sharing stories during a meal, so going around the table and asking guests to share a motherhood experience (whether it be a fond memory, a profound moment, or just a silly mishap) is a great way to share the love.

Mother's Day Brunch Waffle Cake with Syrup

Food & Drink

Lastly, what would a Mother’s Day Brunch be without the food & drink! Get the party started right away with a signature cocktail (or mocktail)! Rather than the same ol’ mimosa, why not greet guests with a pretty pink drink like The Clover Club Cocktail!

Mother's Day Clover Club Cocktail

If you plan on eating well after guests arrive appetizers are always a smart idea. Items that are handheld and easy to eat in 1-2 bites are often a crowd favourite. Classic Devilled Eggs, Baked Zucchini Spears, or Mushroom Topped Camembert with Crostini are excellent selections!

Classic Deviled Eggs for Mother's Day Brunch

Mother's Day Brunch French Toast Bake & Salmon Quiche

When it comes time to serve the main dish give your guests the option of sweet or savoury (or both!). A super impressive (but very easy to prepare) Smoked Salmon Quiche brings all the flavours of spring together in one dish. The homemade crust is oh-so rich and flakey while the egg filling is cooked to perfection. And for those who have a bit of a sweettooth, there’s Berry French Toast with Cream Cheese Filling and Streusel Topping! Believe me, it’s as impressive as it sounds! Buttery brioche is dipped in a flavourful egg mixture, smothered in sweetened cream cheese and covered with vibrant berries and streusel before being baked to perfection! So good, you might almost consider it a dessert!

Fresh Spinach Salad for Mother's Day Brunch

To lighten the meal, serve a fresh spinach salad topped with sliced clementines, strawberries, almonds, and a drizzle of citrus vinaigrette! Of course, you’ll want to end your brunch on a high note, and there’s nothing quite like a naked cake! This ridiculously delicious and spring-inspired Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing is a brilliant end to a delicious meal.

Mother's Day Brunch Dessert - Naked Carrot Cake

Dense spice cake is dotted with bits of colourful orange carrot and complemented by a perfectly sweet cream cheese icing! It’s almost too pretty to eat! Hop on over to this blog post for all the recipes mentioned above!

Canadian Eggs for Mother's Day Brunch

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my tips and watch my Mother’s Day Bruch video! Make sure you check out my next post in my Mother’s Day series for all the details on recipes! Don’t forget to download the FREE Eggcentric TV app for your Apple or Android device so you can see all my other great video content, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Layered Waffle Cake with Fresh Berries

Enjoy Mother’s Day the best way—with food, family, friends, and, of course, cocktails!

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  1. What a beautiful tablescape! Thanks for sharing. I’m definitely planning to add that amazing naked carrot cake to my menu for this Mother’s Day.

  2. I loved these ideas! My mom’s birthday is actually on Mother’s Day so I’m planning a brunch for her and your tips were super helpful