Visions of powder rooms dance in my head

On December 21st, I walked into the empty house, burst into tears and had to leave. I couldn’t go back until I had one of my sisters with me. It was very overwhelming to say the least…

On December 22nd, the first day of reno, I stood there with the keys in one hand and a buck of paint in the other and said… “Where do I start? Someone tell me…”

My list of stuff to accomplish during my week and a half off was huge. Needless to say, I am back to work and not even half the stuff I wanted to accomplish got finished.

One thing that is on my “unfinished list” is the powder room on the main floor. It is in desperate need of some type of help…


You might be thinking, “that doesn’t look to bad!” and you are mostly right. It’s not that bad. But in the spirit of renovating I would like to do something to it.

The sink needs to go… not by my standards, but by mister Home Inspector. He says that they drain is pretty much rusted out…

So with that in mind I started looking at sinks. But then I decided that I might as well tear out the whole vanity (which take up alot of room) and just put in a pretty pedestal sink. But in order to do that I would need to replace the flooring because the laminate does not go under the vanity, which now leads me to ceramic shopping… and before you know it a budget bathroom reno is born!



– 13×13 ceramic tile $12/case
– Tiling tools, grout, etc. $25
– Baseboard $20
– Pedestal Sink $94

Old (and keeping):
– Mirror
– Drywall
– Blue paint (I really love this colour)
– Toilet (its old, its a 13 litre toilet, I don’t want to mess with it)
– Faucet from old sink (it a Moen, and is not it too bad of shape)
– Lighting (beside the few big blobs of blue paint on the fixture, its not to bad either)

Budget Bathroom Reno Total: $151

Woot! I would say that is pretty darn good. Oh and the labour only costs me a few Tim Horton’s coffees… (teheh thanks dad!)

But when I go to sleep…. visions of powder rooms dance in my head… and my Money, Money, Money, Money…. Money Bathroom Reno would look like this…

– 13×13 ceramic tile $12/case
– Tiling tools, grout, etc. $25
– Baseboard $20
– Paint – CIL Smart $41
– Kohler Toilet $218
– Magickwoods Mahogany Finish w/Porc. Sink $548
– Delta Grail Collection Vessel Lavatory Faucet $227
– Eurostone Mirror Chocolate $69
– Magickwoods Fairmont Collection-Space Saver Toilet Cabinet $199
– Hampton Bay 3-Light Bath Bar, Brushed Nickel Finish $85

Old (and keeping):
– Drywall

Money, Money, Money, Money…. Money Bathroom Reno Total: $1,444

I know, I know that is just crazy! I am not even sure the re-sale value of the house would even support that! lol

Once this one is out of the way, it’s onto the full bath!

Will keep you posted on the progress!

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