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My Long Weekend According to My iPhone

1 // Long weekends start at Home Depot!

2 // Tim Horton’s wakes the team up and gets them going
3 // Digging out 22 inches worth of topsoil/clay calls for a mini excavator
4 // Dig, dig.
5 // I lost count of all the wheel barrow runs…
6 // Pizza for the hungry crew!

7 // Dig the hole… and then fill it up again.

8 // Plate tamper packs the a-gravel… it’s also unnecessarily loud and makes your hands tingle.

9 // Little helper!

10 // Spending my holiday Monday on a plane to Seattle…

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend!

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  1. Ooh fun pics! As I sit here, eating a pepperoni, cheese (andddd mushroom!) pizza – where's the mushrooms on yours? 🙂

  2. What a major project you're undertaking, Brittany! Looking forward to seeing the progress (obviously!). Have fun in Seattle!