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Apple Butter & Cheeeeese Festival

The one thing that I actually look forward to at the end of every September is the Apple Butter and Cheese Festival that is held every year in my hometown…

This massive one day event was started back in 1985 to promote Wellesley Brand Apple Products and the J.M. Schneider Cheese Factory.

Well it worked, because 25 years later people from all over southwestern Ontario come to eat the fabulous apple fritters and to buy their bottles of apple butter! {yes there is such a thing lol}

Both Sara and I grew up in Wellesley, so it was a given that we would all head out there together. Of course we brought Kye… and my family tagged along too…

Here we all are waiting in line for the famous Apple Fritters… waiting for 25 minutes is the price you pay for this deep fried deliciousness 😉

Oh my goodness look at this…

Yup! Sooo good! I devoured 4 before they even had time to cool off {burned the roof of my mouth in the process}…

Such a good day out with my ladies!

Do you ever attend local festivals in your area? Is there one particular thing that you have to see or eat there every year?

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