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Spun Goods // Fresh Linen Tea Towels

When I was little my grandma would always make my sisters and I do the dishes after every meal. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. It not only was helpful (for her), but I believe it helped build the work ethic we all have today. I sure didn’t appreciate it then, but the old, vintage tea towels we used were pure magic. Sure they had character (holes, fraying edges, small stains), but these towels would dry dishes like-no-other.

Spun Goods // Fresh Linen Tea Towels

For years I have been on the lookout for tea towels like my grandma’s. Towels that actually dried your dishes (and didn’t just smear the water around). I’ve bought plenty with high hopes. Cheap ones, expensive ones, pretty ones, plain ones; but nothing has come close to comparing to those old, vintage tea towels full of holes.

Spun Goods // Fresh Linen Tea Towels

It might sound funny, but when Spun Goods asked what I wanted to design, without hesitation I said, “tea towels that actually dry your dishes.” Yup, no pillows, bedspreads, or fancy area rugs, I wanted tea towels.

After meeting the wonderful directors at Spun Studio and discussing my vision it became very clear we would need to find untreated, natural linen for these towels. The key is “untreated.” Turns out most fabric is treated with a chemical that makes linen and other materials almost “water resistant,” which is why most tea towels these days do not dry your dishes, but rather smear the water around.

Spun Goods // Fresh Linen Tea Towels

After reaching out to Tonic Living, we were able to secure the most beautiful natural linen I have ever seen. And with many thanks to them, my tea towels have come to life.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my product (tea towels) will be available on June 10th at the Spun Goods Spring Debut. Not only will the purchase of these tea towels directly benefit Spun Studio, but it will make me oh-so-happy!

I am giving away two exclusive tickets to the event, so you could be the first to purchase my product (among others) at the debut. Click here to enter to win, or here if you wish to buy tickets.

I cannot wait to see you there!

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