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The Morning Market

Let me just start this post by telling you just how much I love our local Farmer’s Market! {And since I am on a local food kick, it really fits the bill}. It’s pretty much the best market I have been to to-date! So much to see and do, I could literally spend an entire day there.

Anyhooo, Saturday morning was gorgeous out – cool for a summer morning, but still nice and sunny. Younger sister and I decided to hit up the market after a quick early morning tour around our neighbourhood looking for garage sales…

It was packed there!! Not that I didn’t expect it, but it was really really crowded!

We scoured the place for all the best deals on vegetables… I ended up spending about $15 and walked away with bags and bags of fresh veggies… {I love my veggies!}

Now, you cannot go to this market without getting their famous Apple Fritters! Famous you ask? Yes famous!! We waited in line for a good 20+ minutes to get these fritters… soooo good!

{Me and Nikki waiting in line for fritters!}

Of course I don’t have a pic of them because we pretty much inhaled them as soon as they hit the plate! 😉

So what does $15 get you at the market?

– 3 huge zucchini’s
– 4 plum tomatoes
– 6 peppers {including that purple one!}
– big head of broccoli
– cauliflower
– big bunch of green onions
– eggplant
– loaf of rye bread
– 2 apple fritters

I also got a little sumthin-sumthin for myself…

Flowers!!! I never have flowers in my house, but these looked so pretty at the market that I had to buy myself some… And who can resist these glads, they only cost $1 for the 4!

And you know what they means…? I get to {partially} check off #55 on my list!

Now to come up with some great ways to use all the zucchini and that huge eggplant! Any ideas? I’m thinking this recipe

Do you ever shop at your local farmer’s market? How about buying yourself flowers?

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